how to cut long curtain bangs and layers

Hairstyle represents your personality. A good hairstyle grabs the attention. One of the trending hairstyle fashions is long curtain bangs which are amazing and eye-catching. Do you want to know How to cut long curtain bangs and make yourself look like a celebrity?

how to cut long curtain bangs and layers | hair style

Let’s start cutting long curtain bangs with easy and simple steps

 on how to cut long curtain bangs. Let’s start by separating my hair into a triangle. Also, make sure to align your hair before cutting so that everything comes out even. 

Step 1      

The bigger the triangle, the thicker your bangs will be. usually cut hair dry because of seeing the instant result. You can get it though if you find that easier but that’s all up to you.

 Now taking the middle section of my hair like this and gonna cut it by lips. If you want even longer curtain bangs, then you can cut long curtain bangs by your chin. So just cut it straight across and sometimes even when you cut it straight across, it doesn’t come out even so just make sure that it is even before you go to the next step. 

Step 2

Once you are satisfied, cut it upwards so that I can mix it all out, making sure that cutting straight up does not cut off any length but just rather mix it out altogether. Remember that when you cut your bangs, it’s always going to curl up a little bit and get shorter while styling, so make sure that you cut a little bit at a time, especially if it’s your first time and uncertain of the length.

Step 3

 For the longer sections, you just need to cut your bangs crosswise so that it kind of meets the section that we just cut off. Then once again, point cutting and blending that whole section. 

Take your time with blending because this is a really important step make sure that you cut upwards so that you blend rather than accidentally cutting off any length. At the end of this, you want to see a triangle in front of your face, the more elegant the triangle is, the better.

Step 4

 After cutting and blending it out, It is called a rough cut. Now reach for thinning clippers and thin out just the bottom sections of your wispy bangs. For any sections that are a little bit thicker,  make sure to thin it out by the ends, making it way less blunt and heavy so that when you style your hair, the bangs hair will actually last longer and it also gives a nice step hair dryer,

placing your hair over the tool, and slowly rotating the tool as blow dry.You can do this with a hair hair smoothing as well, but it won’t come out as smooth or consistent. blow-drying your curly bangs is hands down the best way to style it.

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Frequently asked question

Should You Cut Long Curtain Bangs Wet or Dry?

You should cut your curtain bangs even if your hair is wet. it depends on your techniques some people like cutting wet hair it’s their own choice as wet hair provides more control and is easy to cut. while dry hair provides an instant preview and result. it reveals the natural texture of your hair. It will help you to make decisions.

Why Are Long Curtain Bangs Attractive?

Curtain bangs are the modern look of hairstyle. You can style your blunt bangs either split down the middle of your face or split down the middle. curtain bangs are an amazing style that provides a confident look and produces eye-catching vibes. if you want to look good in the crowd then the curtain bangs are your first choice.

Which curtain Bangs Suit My Face?

Before choosing bangs for your face keep in mind these several things. how your face looks whether it will suit your face or not and keep in mind your preference whether you like these kinds of styles. if your face is round then curtain bangs make it longer and more balanced. oval face suit curtain bangs, blunt bangs, or wispy bangs.

Do Long Curtain Bangs Look Good Without Layers?

Curtain bangs without layers look good but if these are cut in proper and good manners you will look good. The important thing to keep in mind that make sure that the bangs mix correctly with your hair, so everything looks smooth and balanced


By following these steps you can make your hairstyle better and look like a celebrity. One thing to keep in mind every face has its own hairstyle which makes it look eye-catching. so make sure before cutting long curtain bangs it will suit your personality. You can make your hairstyle fit your style which suite your personality


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